Personal Training Services With

Jack Horton

Consultations – This is where I will learn a little bit about yourself and what you want to achieve. Going In depth about your goals and where you want to be.  Guiding you on the right path from the get go.

1-2-1 Sessions – I offer you a service where you have my attention for the duration of the session. I would create a session plan for yourself and exercise this during the time we have.

Group Sessions – This service offers you and your friends to work and support each other whilst training effectively together. Ideal for someone who enjoys training with someone and thrives of a group atmosphere.

Workout Plans – This service is more for someone who enjoys training on their own and get the session done effectively. Offering a 6,8 and 12-week service. To enhance your training and performance within the gym.  This service also includes one free session with myself and regular check-ups.

Indoor Cycling Sessions – This service offers you to work on a Spin bike and learn new techniques to working your cardiovascular system. Enhancing your fitness levels. This can be with your friends or on your own.

Boxercise Sessions – This service is solely pad and exercise based where I will create a session plan involving boxing techniques whilst doing exercises to achieve your goals. This can also be with your friends as well.

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Price List

Duration of Sessions – 45 Minutes

  • 1 – 2 – 1 Sessions – 1 Session – £20
  • 4 Sessions – £70
  • 6 Sessions – £110
  • 8 Sessions – £150
  • Group Sessions – £30

Workout Plans

  • 6 weeks – £35
  • 8 Weeks – £45
  • 12 Week – £60
  • Indoor Cycling Sessions – £25
  • Boxercise Sessions – £25

*Consultations are around 15/20 Minutes long and are free of charge

So, let’s begin your journey today. What’s stopping you?