Do you know how a personal trainer can help you?
I am committed to the cause and put my all into making you
A better version of yourself

Jack Horton Kettering Personal Trainer

Why did I decide to become a Personal Trainer?

So, I decided to become a Personal Trainer as I have always been into Health and Fitness from an early age. Playing Football from the age of 4. Playing many other sports as well. But there was always something that I wanted to improve in each sport and this is where the gym came into it.

Around the age of 15/16 I went through a little change where I had gained a bit of weight which I had held through from my previous years of not really caring about what I had eaten. So, I joined a gym, and this is where I realised that Nutrition and Training come hand in hand and this where I started seeing my results in my sports and physique due to my nutrition being very good.

This is where my passion came from. Seeing changes in myself made me more motivated to help other people. This is where I am today. I put my up most hardest into my Clients to help aid and guide them on the right path.

Jack Horton Kettering Personal Trainer Kettering

I endeavour to make my sessions as enjoyable as possible, so exercise doesn’t feel like a chore. I have a real enthusiasm for helping people out. I have a mindset where I feel everyone can achieve anything they want. Having a get up and go attitude is what drives me forward as a person, I am committed to the cause and put my all into making you a better version of yourself. If you need a Kettering personal trainer get in touch with me today!


So, let’s begin your journey today. What’s stopping you?